Three local industries formed the St. Clair River Research Committee. This committee concentrated its efforts on studies of sulphur dioxide and particulate matter in the air; they also monitored surface oil contamination in the St. Clair River.


Expansion of the organization had increased the number of member companies from three to fourteen; the organization was chartered as a non-profit corporation under the name, Lambton Industrial Society.


To emphasize environment as the focus and to more clearly indicate the organization’s location, name was changed to Sarnia-Lambton Environmental Association.


SLEA relocates its offices and resource library to the Suncor Sustainability Centre, established on the campus of LambtonCollege to encourage stakeholder synergies in the greening of our community. SLEA agrees to administer the Chemical Valley Emergency Co-ordinating Organization for mutual aid and its community information and education arm, the Community Awareness and Emergency Response Committee.

Equipment and methods used to assess and promote proper functioning of control measures which protect the environment include:

  • Eight air analyzers, a mobile unit is included,
  • One river water analyzer,
  • Physical, chemical and biological studies.

A mobile monitor, added to the system in 2001, extends the testing range.